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Colonel Edward Koechle-Class of 1954     Deceased November 2014

Walter Young II-Class of 1991


Woodruff Alumni Scholarships Awarded in 2017

$20,500 in scholarships awarded by your alumni association this year.

Thanks to the continued generosity by Woodruff alumni and prudent investment of prior donations your association has awarded the following scholarships and grants.

10 $500 scholarships to WCTC students

6 $250 grant packages to WCTC students

7 $2,000 traditional scholarships to former Woodruff High School students

The total amount of scholarships this year exceeds $20,500.

Since 2008 your association has awarded over $149,500 in scholarships and grants.  Thank you to the alumni and friends who continue to support Woodruff students.

Woodruff High School Alumni Scholarships

This year your alumni association awarded seven $2000 scholarships to Woodruff graduates or to those individuals who would have graduated from Woodruff had the school remained open.

Many alumni continue to support the scholarship fund which enables WHSAA to award scholarships to former Woodruff students and to future Woodruff Career and Technical Center students.

WHSAA Scholarships applications for 2018

All graduates of Woodruff High School are eligible to apply for a scholarship.  Those who started at Woodruff when it closed are also eligible.  Are you returning to school or pursuing an advanced degree?  This scholarship is for you.

A Word About Dues

The finances of the WHSAA are split into two categories. The categories are the Scholarship account which includes investments providing annual income supplemented with donations by members, and the Operating Funds obtained through annual membership dues.  The Scholarship account pays for educational expenses.  These funds are restricted by 501 (c) 3 tax rules. Operating Funds are used to keep the WHSAA organization functioning.  The annual newsletter represents the largest operating expense.  There are costs to maintaining our website, normal postage and stationery.  Seed money is also needed to prepay for items like the catering for the spring banquet or branding artifacts.  The online dues payment procedures that we once had through Alumni Research in Florida were lost when that company went bankrupt.  Since then we have relied on receiving dues via traditional mailings to our post office box.  Not surprisingly, dues collections have dropped and the outlook for our Operating  Funds continues to diminish.  Financial Secretary, Jim Ulrich, has plotted our financial trajectory and projects that with steady expenses but diminishing dues income, our Operating Funds will be gone in about five years.   While the situation is not critical, we would like to reverse that trend.  We  are a small, volunteer organization and do not send out dues notices to those who pay the $15 annual fee.  If it has been over a year year since you submitted your dues, please consider mailing $15 to:  Woodruff High School Alumni Association, PO Box 10625, Peoria, IL 61612. 

Thank you for your support.

Mark Claver

WHSAA President


WHSAA Vocational Grant Program

Five students are eligible to receive $250 vocational specific assistance grants as these students move into the workforce or further training at ICC.  A representative of WHSAA meets with the student at a vocational supply store to assist in the purchase of clothing, safety shoes, tools, etc.  All graduates of Woodruff Career and Technical Center can be recommended for these grants.


WHSAA Vocational or Alternative High School Scholarships

Students who have received instruction at the Woodruff Career and Technical Center and are moving on to a degree or certificate focused on higher education are eligible for this $500 scholarship.  This year four scholarships were awarded.


Alumni who ordered yearbooks from Alumni Research have received a letter from the United States Bankruptcy Court in Tampa, FL stating that Robert Laping of Alumni Research has filed for bankruptcy.  If you need information the trustee can be reached at 813-814-0836.



The Woodruff Observers from the 1930’s to the 1970’s are being digitized by Dick Joyce ’65.  Many of the Woodruff Observers were bound yearly and kept in the school library.  The newspapers are rapidly deteriorating and will be lost forever.  WHSAA is preserving Woodruff’s history by undertaking this project.  A list will be compiled of missing newspapers to see if any alumni might have missing editions that WHSAA may borrow and photograph. Please visit the link at the top of this page.


Class of 1953 Alumni page

The ’53  class has an excellent alumni website that is maintained by one of the class members.  Other classes might be interested in developing a website.  Please contact WHSAA for further information.

1953 website