This is the official website of the Woodruff High School Alumni Association located in Peoria, Illinois. The officers and directors of this organization reside in the Peoria area and are graduates of Woodruff High School.  The WHSAA awards Scholarships and Vocational Grants to selected graduates of Woodruff High School and selected students who are currently being educated at the Woodruff Career and Technical Center. The internet contains other websites which mimic our organization.


Our Moto: “Still Here, Still Proud”


The WHSAA continues to support Woodruff High School graduates from all years by encouraging those pursuing certificate or degree related education to apply for scholarships. Starting in 2015, the WHSAA has partnered with the WCTC administration to create a Vocational Grant Program to provide vocation specific assistance to selected students as they move from high school into the workplace. Starting in 2016, the WHSAA will provide a number of scholarships to WCTC students from vocational or contemporary classes moving on to college or technical school. Scholarship numbers and amounts vary year to year based on money available to the WHSAA Scholarship Fund.


The WHSAA encourages class reunion activities and organizes a Spring Banquet which doubles as our Annual Business Meeting.


The WHSAA monitors and maintains Woodruff memorabilia in order to preserve and honor our school. We are currently exploring ways to transfer our school newspaper, The Observer, to digital media as a way to archive these deteriorating artifacts. We are also working to complete collections of Talisman yearbooks for the Peoria Public Library and the Peoria Historical Society located at Bradley University.


Our long time web services company, Alumni Research, Inc. from Florida, went out of business. This website is our replacement and is under construction. More information will be added to the site as time permits.